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  Frequently Asked Questions

Calcipe – Features

Recipe costing
To understand the weight of finished products by portion /piece and kilogram, to achieve this one needs to key in the recipe along with the price of each ingredient used in the recipe. Both the recipe as well as the ingredient pricing is saved for future reference.

Comprehensive understanding
The cost of ingredients to a single finished product or multiple stored recipes with or without added ingredients is required to achieve multiple recipe costs.

On completing your registration, you can use the Calcipe dashboard effectively and productively to monitor the following:

  • Change of Plans

Choice of plan you select to suit your requirements and needs and the freedom to change  it as per your time needs.

  • Recipe Dashboard

To reach the recipe dashboard where one can view/ add/ edit / print a recipe or save the recipe in pdf format for future reference.

  • Ingredients

You can also add new ingredients, edit the variables (cost fluctuation), cost price of stored ingredients, one can also upload ingredients in an excel format or download saved ingredient costs in excel format.

The dashboard will also help you to get to know new features as a message from Administration; you could also send a “Help Request” in cases wherein you are faced with an obstacle or confronted with an error. The dashboard will also offer links to other web spaces related to food through News Highlights.

Recipe Dashboard - The Recipe Dashboard is designed and conceptualized in a manner that it enables you to view your stored recipe/formula at ease. The number of stored recipes will depend on the plan that you have chosen for that period.

You also have the option of using the dropdown icon for quick reference. This icon appears next to the name of the recipe for you to get a quick gist of the recipe. You can also use the icons on the right panel wherein you can edit/ change recipe content/ cost calculation; you also have the choice as in using the print option as well as the save option in pdf format.

Saved recipes can also be duplicated to change/alter content (description), ingredients, direction (methodology/process) as well as cost calculation with different rate of finished products.

Ingredients Dashboard
Ingredients, raw materials purchased / none purchased always vary in weight and its proportionate cost.

Calcipe has made it for you to constantly engage in a space created for fluctuating market rates (change in market rates of materials) which helps in updating all saved recipes with the latest cost price.

The Ingredient dashboard has multiple utilities such as upload/ download, add new ingredients in excel format, edit costs and many more to come.

Add new ingredients

  • One can key the name of the new ingredient / raw material, quantity, time purchased, measure and rate.
  • The measure relates to the purchase as in kilo or gram.
  • The actual price / rate of the product purchased will help you in calculation of the amount per kilo.
  • You could also refer to the space for details such as purchased from, brand, place for future reference and updating.
  • This space can also be utilized to view previously saved data of ingredients which furnish the measure and pricing details.

Upload ingredients in Excel format
Here you can download a sample of the excel format and this tab facilitates the adding of all ingredients and their relevant pricing. This tab also gives you the facility of uploading bulk ingredient costs in one shot.

Download Excel(.xls)
This tab shows you all the saved ingredients with their costs and other details such as purchase, brand and can be downloaded and edited to be saved and uploaded for future reference.

Facilitates a convenient mode of editing online- ingredient, cost, place and other details easily which can be saved for future reference.

Profile/Edit/Changes Dashboard
You as a member of Calcipe can edit information details as in a/c details, billing calculation as well as your Profile information. This space also facilitated change of password for security reasons.

Calculation basis
Under this, one can add /edit few default numbers/measures which can be used as a basis for all your recipes.
This default number/ measure such as food loss percentage is available in different forms of cooking practices and is used in individual process requirements.
Adding a default figure in food calculation basics will help in giving you accurate information about new recipes recently added.
You can edit / change the food loss( moisture and other) for each recipe and each individual recipe will be saved with the changes.

Profit amount in Percentage
This is a variable cost calculator required as an input for your production, sales and service.

What is profit?
Profit simply means the difference between your input and output.
The excess of your input after taking into consideration your output and all other overheads involved.

What is food loss?
Food loss can be broadly defined as food loss that occurs  greatly among individual foods based on a number of factors, such as cooking, time moisture, environment, process, a food’s perish- ability or shelf life, the likelihood of a food being used as an ingredient or eaten without further preparation, and the degree to which a food is typically consumed by children or an adult.

Selecting currency
To choose a default currency value to recipe pricing.

For entering the ingredients, you could select already saved ingredients from the drop down; to get the rate and finally calculate the amount
eg: Quantity measure x Rate = Amount

In case of new ingredients of the new recipe which are not listed in our comprehensive list, you could add your new ingredient to the list say for eg melon seeds by copying the ingredient (control C) and clicking on add ingredient, a pop up window add ingredient will appear with details such as Ingredient name, quantity purchased, its measure and rate which will be finished kilo pricing. Click on Add and Save on the Ingredient dashboard successfully. Close the pop up window and go back and add your new recipe and your new ingredient will reflect in the list.

The final action before saving the recipe, choose weight per portion.
Eg: Type in 100 and measure as grams and you will see food loss percentage, recipe weight, finished weight per kilo, selling price per kilo, selling price per piece / portion automatically calculated. Remember to save your recipe by clicking on the Save recipe button.

Adding New Multi Recipe

Multi recipe costing
This will operate in the same way as adding a new recipe wherein you can choose from an already save recipe or multi recipes and you could add a few more ingredients. This enables for the recipe and the ingredients to be taken into consideration together and get the cost for the finished product according to per piece weight.

Checking your Costs
You can always go back to the recipe dashboard wherein you can view all the saved recipes. Click on the chosen recipe, you can view the cost details and the cost per portion of each saved recipe.

Changing recipe portion weight
After uploading the recipe and its weight per portion and saving, you can go back by clicking on the edit button to change portion weight of the recipe and measure the new cost price, now of portions and price per portion.

You can also choose to duplicate a recipe by clicking on the duplicate icon and save it as a new recipe with changed portion weight.

Recipe Print
Click on the print icon and a pop up window will appear. Here you choose the required field as of date to print as of print default date, you can choose the fields you require as in name, brief description, cost, formula, direction (method) along with the image.

Download Recipe in pdf
You can save your recipe for future reference or sharing with others by saving and downloading the recipe in pdf format by clicking on the pdf icon (You would require to download Adobe Reader to perform this action).

Duplicate New Recipe
You can always click on the duplicate icon of the recipe panel on the dashboard to replicate an entire recipe which can be altered or edited according to your recipe in terms of name, ingredient, direction(method) as well as weight per portion and finished cost price

Who should use Calcipe?
Calcipe can be used across a range of industries – Food and Beverages, Chemical and Manufacturing and Service industries. And pertains to each every individual / professional who needs to work a recipe to develop food or non food products / items. Companies involved in formulating Recipes using dry powder, semi-soft paste or firm dough and any place where you use more than one ingredient to blend in or churn out to a finished product.

Personal Care – Toothpaste, Gel paste, Mouth washers, Soaps and face washes, creams, body lotions, perfumes, nail polish, lipsticks.
Food and Beverages – Rasam powder, Sambhar powder, Spice powders, sauces, jams and preserves and pizza spreads and toppings, mayonnaise, ready to eat food mixes.
Hospitality Industry – Hotels, restaurants, take aways which serve plated meals.
Snack industry – Fryums, chips, kurkure, golden fingers, smiley faces, wedges, tacos.

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