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Life is never measured and a healthy life is no simple measure. Measuring is a healthy technique to living a balanced life. We are what we consume and every day we consume different kinds of foods, grains, cereals and liquids. In the course of our daily intake of food, we experiment and try different types of food through new and innovative recipes.

It is important to evaluate new and old and we now offer you an evaluation tool – the Calcipe, an accurate mathematical derivative for all your recipes and the most efficient indicator of quality, cost and consumption. Each recipe is unique and distinct in terms of its ingredients and making process. Other factors include quantity, quality and costing. Calcipe is a conceptual platform that provides to help calculate the price, quantity and nutrition quotient of your recipe.

How to use the Space

Calcipe the platform is simple, easy and user friendly. It gives you the opportunity to gauge and accurately calculate the cost of each and every ingredient in your recipe. Calcipe the space allows for recipe and ingredient evaluation and calculation but is not a blogosphere or space for recipes, ideas or innovations. Calcipe in fact is a prime indicator of market rates – increase and decrease.

Calcipe in tune with its inherent functions also allows the space for substitution of ingredients to make our recipe cost effective.

As such Calcipe the space provides for calculations and alterations.


  • Name of the Recipe
    Conjuring a name is synonymous with writing a book. With respect to name of recipe, factors such as ingredients, presentation and taste go a long way in creating a name Read More
  • Recipe Image
    This is the space which allows for visual display and reference where you can upload pictures of high resolution Read More


" I usually cater to weddings and celebrations in the family, so this was a prudent way of balancing my costs". - Avril

"Calcipe gave me the opportunity of healthy comparison of costs of commodities across different cities in the country; I am from Calcutta and would like to open my own pattesterie" - Ishita

"Calcipe is an innovative tool to intelligently substitute ingredients and thereby balance costs and food loss" - Asha